Goodbye second trimester! You were very good to me. By 20 weeks the intense morning sickness has stopped, you have given me sweet kicks daily to let me know you are happy and healthy, you have let me get in as much sleep as possible to prepare my body and mind for what is to come.

Hello Third Trimester! I have mixed emotions about you! Currently 32 weeks and only 5 weeks till this baby is full term. How fast pregnancy has gone by has caught me off guard. I remember seeing that positive pregnancy sign and thinking this wasn’t real.. Well it was! The initial family we told said, “don’t worry, you have 9 months to prepare” now we only have 5-8 weeks – unless you try to come soon again like you already have 3 times you sweet girl. I am in slight denial and sometimes hope that I will be pregnant forever! Things are getting to be more uncomfortable everyday as the heat goes up and my waddle becomes more pronounced. 

It feels weird that some days I can sleep until noon or 1PM. Even as a teenager I never slept in that late but building you is hard work (also yay for iron pills). I’m happy with your sweet kicks all day as its a sign you’re getting stronger and you are mommy’s little fighter. I’m embracing all the Braxton Hicks as its my body practicing to meet you.

I hate the phrase, “it’s just only going to get worse” and I refuse to say that to any other woman (please join me in boycotting that phrase) because the truth is it does get worse BUT it becomes easier to find ways to deal with the discomfort – ice packs, heat packs, and baths are my friend. Being on bedrest has helped with a lot of the early, intense contractions I was having from the party you must have been having up in there. 

You are showing your sweet personality already. You are extremely active all the time however you value your sleep like your mother. On some of your hospital checkups and ultrasounds you go into a deep sleep that it takes 3 cups of juice and a nurse poking you to wake up. You will be practicing your kicks and punches until someone tries to feel you and then you play shy no matter how many tricks we try to get you going again. You are already a daddy’s girl and are instantly calmed when daddy speaks, gives me a tummy rub, or simply puts his hand on my belly. You seem to be a home body and save your wild child movements for when it’s just you and me at home. 

I am thrilled to go into labor because it means I will get to meet you. It’s 24 hours (or hopefully 6 hours if we go by my family history of fast deliveries) of hell but that means these last 9 months will have be worth every frequent vomit sessions, the exhaustion, 3 false early labors, and all the aches and pains. 

Even though it will be a new chapter with new challenges we could not be more excited! We have a doula now who I have so much confidence in to help guide us through the process of bringing you into the world. Someone to advocate for us (and you) and be the emotional support when the crap hits the fan. Hiring Carla took so much pressure off of my plate and I am forever grateful for her.

Even though it will be a new chapter with new challenges we could not be more excited and extremely terrified at the same time. I can’t wait until I can hold you in my arms and give you all the kisses! I can’t wait to smell your head and stare at your sweet little face. I can’t wait to see what you look like and what features you get from your daddy. I can’t wait to see you and your daddy cuddle and see him interact with you – since he is already your biggest fan. I know once you are here we will be forever changed by you and your sweet little personality. I can’t wait to see you grow and change but hopefully not too fast. 

We love you so much already Little Lady.. Bake as long as you like.

14 thoughts

  1. I’m glad ur confident in ur choice to hire me 🙂 … and it’s 4 times (18,29,30&31 weeks), but who’s counting … just ur doula. ❤ It truly is my honour an privilege to assist you in your journey to bring ur precious cargo earthside. Keep on baking!! xo


  2. This is just the sweetest! You already are such a fabulous Mama, and you will continue to be when she is on the outside as well! I’m so with you about how exhausting it is to physically grow a human! Oh, man!! It doesn’t get worse…it just gets different. Sometimes different is harder, but I also hate the “worse” phrase and I have found that it really does get better and better!


  3. I love this and your excitement for what’s to come. I can’t wait to see that precious little face, but keep on baking little mama!


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