This week I’m handing over the blog to Rob who will be sharing his Saturday morning routine and what he thinks of ou new Doc a Tot.

I consider myself a pretty hands on dad. With my wife having chronic illness I always try to step up as much as possible to take the pressure off of her. I also know the value of spending one on one time it is with my daughter. I know giving her my attention and affection will enhance her self esteem as she grows and will hopefully encourage her to make good choices through life.

Saturday mornings are my favorite. I get up with November at 7:30ish. We have breakfast together and then it is play time! Doll house is usually her favorite go to activity. It’s so entertaining to see her play and to see all of the creative and funny things she does with her toys. Also she has started babbling lots and repeating words and sounds which makes our time easily interactive. 

Novee is a very laid back baby which makes my job easier. Not much seems to rattle her except for one thing: being tired. 

It is mostly our fault (and blessing) since we are big on scheduling and routine. As an infant, as soon as she became tired we would go through our routine to put her down which was pretty simple: bottle, binkie and bunny. Now that she is a toddler, we have had to slightly modify our naptime routine… more on that later. 

I have been really interested in the Doc a Tot since I have heard about it when Gwen was pregnant, it wasn’t until it showed up on our doorstep that I really appreciated it’s function and how it has added to our routine as a family. Here are some things great things that I love about the Doc a Tot and how it has made our days together easier:

1) It helps us transition into naptime/bedtime: Like I said earlier, Novee is all about consistency and routine. Having a spot that she can sit in and watch her show right before nap helps her to anticipate what is coming up next for her. When we don’t just surprise her with naptime she goes down a lot easier. So we throw on Little Baby Bums on Netflix and she chills out for half an episode. Another thing we do is “play” video games together. Like any child she LOVES anything with buttons. I throw on a game and give her a turned off controller and she is pretty convinced she’s playing the game and we laugh about all the silliness… Lol I will use that trick to my advantage as long as I can. 

2) It’s comfortable: whether she is just sitting in her nest playing with toys, resting, or watching a show, she always gets comfy and cozy! I can lay on the floor next to her and give her snuggles while we have quiet time to transition into a nap.

3) It’s portable: With a baby that depends on consistency, travelling really throws her off. It usually helps ends in us rocking her to sleep and having to hold her for the whole 90 minutes that she naps. Being able to bring a consistent item with us cuts down on the naptime fussyness that can take place when she is in a new environment. The bottom of the nest clips to make for easy transportation.

4) It’s safe: Both Health Canada and Doc a Tot don’t recommend using the Doc a Tot for napping or cosleeping but it meets standards of textile flammability and is air permeable. 

5) It comes in two sizes: I wish we had the Doc a Tot Delux when Novee  was first born. They are designed to create a cozy, tight space for so infants feel safe and secure. Now we are thankful for the Grande size for babies who are 8 months and older! It is so great and I know we will get a lot of use out of it! You can check them out here!

In summary, I feel so lucky to have two amazing ladies in my life to spend my weekends with. Slow weekends with my small family is exactly what I need to close up my week and refresh for the one ahead! 


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