My husband and I were super excited to be welcoming our little guy. A reality for me would be that I would have two under two to chase after. One challenge that I hear from moms with this age gap is that it is the OLDER sibling that can create a lot more work. The reason? They fiercely love their siblings. They want to cover them with kisses, pull their paci in and out of their mouths, hug them, try to force feed them any bottle in sight, and even try to carry them on their own. It can be dangerous to leave them unattended even though their intentions are pure.

Welcome to the world sweet boy!

My sweet November was no exception. She adores her brother. She wants to be around him ALL. THE. TIME. She is so gentle and so helpful but she occasionally does things like try to pick him up off the floor during tummy time that makes me have to stay on the ball.

One thing that helps us a lot is the Dock a Tot. It’s Everett’s own private space. We have taught Novee that when he is in there that he is off limits to any touching. She definitely grasps that concept and respects it. Novee likes the idea so much of having her own space, she asked for her Dock a Tot Grand (the Dock a Tot made for children 8 months and above) to be brought downstairs so that she could have a place to lay down and play in too!

One of the main times I use it is when I am sitting on the bed pumping. I put it directly beside me and he lays there and plays or rests. He’s close enough that if he is fussing I can stroke his head or put in his pacifier into his mouth to soothe. I also like that it keeps him safe in my big bed. With having a super soft memory foam mattress pad, a fluffy duvet, and lots of pillows, I know that he is safe and secure from smothering.

Another thing I’ve loved about the Dock a Tot is they have updated all of their patterns. I especially love all the floral/leaf options. I picked a pretty dark floral. I felt it was masculine enough for a little boy but will be great for a girl as well if we have more children in the future.

If you are pregnant or have a baby, I definitely recommend a Dock a Tot! The snug fit makes them feel safe and secure and definitely makes our Everett feel comfortable and I like that he’s easily accessible.


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