I really love quotes. Probably a little too much. I occasionally just flip through the quotes section on Pinterest to just find inspiration for my life. Often I find one that sticks with me, that I love, that becomes the background on my phone, that I suck up every ounce of it into myself.

There is one quote that had me stuck in my mind for months. I see it constantly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I think it’s something we all have all heard: 

“Be in reckless pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” 

The first few times I read it, it sounded catchy but it only scratched the surface. It has only been lately that this quote has become real and alive in my life. 

I Googled the word “pursuit” and I love the synonyms: striving towards, quest for, search, seek out, aim, goal, objective, and dream. 

These words give me chills. This is how I am to be pursuing the things that put my soul (thoughts, feelings, and emotions) on fire. It is too easily that we fall into the everyday mundane. It is too easily that we allow life to just happen to us. Easily we just let life pass us by.

What I love about this quote is that we don’t have to know what lights the fire but that we just have to recklessly pursue life without abandon. In my life, most of my passions I just kind of fell into because I took a chance: my love for the inner city, my passion to learn the most I can about living the best marriage, my love for blogging and learning from others experiences, and my desire to see compassion win. I believe for most of us, the things we love come as a beautiful surprise. What starts as just “trying” or “learning a new skill” can light a fire deep within. I have seen it happen so many times with people who take a hobby they just tried once, fell in love with, then made it their business and life’s work.

That is what I want for my life: to strive, quest,search, seek out, aim, goal, and dream. I want to recklessly pursue what I believe I have been put on this planet for even though I am still figuring out what that is. I don’t want to be 90 and look back and have regret that I just let life pass me by and I didn’t leave any mark on this world or leave lasting connections.

For myself I am finding more and more my passion is in blogging. It is not so much in the writing and publishing but in the connecting with individuals. When Rob and I started our blog (he is my editor and producer in all I do), we never set out to teach or preach but to relate. To simply share our experiences. I was not prepared for the beautiful connections I would make with women who share the same “soul fire” as us and become part of a beautiful community. What started as a “hey, this could be fun” became a deep passion of ours. We never expected in six months that over 50,000 would visit our site and we are truly humbled by that. 

Friends, I challenge you to be reckless and take chances. To be bold and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Take what you feel in those moments and don’t let go of them as those feelings bring out the beautiful humanity inside you. I believe it is when we recklessly pursue life is when we will truly find why we are on this planet. 

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  1. Wow. I haven’t even gotten to the end and i have to comment! This is so for me, I’ve started up blogging but just went through a weird unexpected phrase in my life. I basically put blogging on hold for a bit but then everytime I now think to write something, there comes a discouragement because inconsistency was the ONE thing that I was afraid of and I knew would be a challenge for me… so it prevents me from writing.


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