Today WordPress told me it was my one year Blogiversary! Holy cow has time flown by. As I reflect back to the WHY behind this blog it was simple: a project for Rob and I to work on together that would motivated us to learn and grow together. We have posted about our marriage, self image, goals, and vision. The blog may be under my name but it truly is both of our brain child. 

Our humble little blog in one year has had 60,000 views from 102 countries. That is an unbelievably small number in the blogging world but Rob and I found it humbling that people actually wanted to read what we were thinking. 

So many good things have come from our blogging: the conversations that have taken place in our marriage, the precious relationships I have developed with other women, and the motivation to continue learning. It has stirred up conversations with other women that have been so insightful to me. It has brought people into our lives who have blessed us beyond belief.

As many of you other bloggers know – and if you don’t blog, here is the behind the scenes drama – there is some negativity that comes from the outside when you blog. I felt kind of alone in this until I talked to two successful women bloggers who I adore that experienced the same thing. 
So as my one year blogiversary, I would thought I would share the nitty gritty I have learned so far: 

1. Some People Will Not Support You: We had such beautiful support when we started that has continued throughout our journey. However there will always be those few people who do not support what you do. When you have a dream or goal, some people will not see the big picture. They will unfollow you, they will talk about you, and they will question your motives. A well known social media goddess friend of mine has said, “Every time I start a new project whether blogging or working for a new company people unfollow me. Not everyone will love everything you do but a whole lot of people will love it.” I have chosen a group of people who I receive feedback from, I’ve learned to ignore the peanut gallery. 

2. You are GOOD ENOUGH: I had a lot of doubts of starting a blog. As someone who struggles with chronic illness, I didn’t think I was good enough to share my thoughts and opinions. I thought I was disqualified because of the diagnosis labelled to me or the medication I had to take. What Rob and I quickly learned was despite those things we can still relate to people and even more we can relate to people who feel marginalized. If you are considering starting a blog DO IT.. You are a unique individual and you will touch people in a special way. Don’t allow insecurity to hold you back.

3. You WILL feel EXPOSED as hell: There are so many blogs I write that I obsess over because it talks about some personal things in our lives or I worry I’m going to offend someone. So many blogs that I post and consider taking down or reread about 12 times. When I talked to my hubby about this he basically told me that if it’s not personal it is not really worth writing. No one wants to read fake and fluffy, people want real and encouraging. Being real is scary but really awesome at the same time.

We want to thank you for reading! As I look back on the beginning blogs they were so rough and filled with so many grammar issues which screams Amateur Hour. Thank you for hanging in there as we keep finding our “voice”. We look forward to another year of blogging and sharing with you our growing family! 


Gwen and Rob

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