I was very blessed the past two days to have two back to back baby showers. The attention to detail, the decor, the yummy food, and people’s generosity is very humbling. Rob, I, and baby F are feeling extremely loved. Thank you to all of our thoughtful guests.. I wish I could post a million photos! Here are some of the highlights of Baby Shower #2.
All dolled up. This dress does not accurately show the massive bump situation going on! 

How pretty are these chairs Kaisley rented! She graciously opened her home to 25 guests and had even removed all the furniture on the main floor so that there was plenty of room for people to mingle. 

They made me a special spot with this beautiful raindrop balloon arrangement and pretty pink quilt!

The amazing moment when your favorite specialty doughnut shop pops up! I almost cried happy tears by this personalized detail!


And all the delicious food! You can see by how many pictures I took how excited I was for all these goodies! Heart shaped sandwiches, duckie sugar cookies, pretty pink delight, and specialty tea and punches.

Time to open presents. I don’t have many pictures of guests as I was too busy mingling and catching up with guests! My sister took over the photography. 

OMG.. We were spoiled 

Our baby is going to be so stylish!

My mama and me *heart*

My reaction to the word “smile”

Some cute gifts to add to our woodland themed nursery!

And the Dupuis family made sure we had some French books and toys to get our little francophone going. 

A very big thank you to all of our thoughtful guests! We are now officially ready to bring her home whenever she decides to come. Can’t wait to use all of these goodies!

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  1. Oh you got some amazing stuff from what I saw! Also the decor and treats look perfect! You have a wonderful group of ladies! I can’t wait to see little peanut in all of that stuff.


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