I honestly can’t believe I am 16 weeks pregnant already! When you are chasing after a 17 month old the days just fly by! This pregnancy has been extremely different from my first and harder in different ways but I hear that’s pretty normal. Maybe it could be due to it being a different gender?? (Which we find out next week… eek!).

With this pregnancy, we found out very early on.. like 6 days past ovulation. I was feeling pretty icky and having weird symptoms so I used a cheap dollar store pregnancy test and it came back faintly positive. Then I took a $20 one and it too was faintly positive. Even though there was definitely a line, Rob didn’t believe it until I retested three days later and got a big bold positive! Even though it was bold, we were cautious to be excited since we had 2 chemical pregnancies prior. However this felt extremely different and it definitely felt like a sticky baby.

The second pregnancy test I took 5 days before my cycle was due.

Up to week 10 was hard but not as hard as my first pregnancy. With November, I threw up minimum seven times a day and lost ten pounds my first trimester due to HG. Suddenly it slowed down at 12 weeks and was completely gone by week 20.

This pregnancy I’ve had good mornings but my afternoons had been paralyzed with nausea and still are. I can’t watch tv, read, or eat without gagging but luckily that usually eases up to bearable by evening. I was on a progesterone supplement till week 12 and after weaning off I have definitely noticed an increase in symptoms and I’m anxiously waiting for that second trimester bliss that’s filled with lots of energy, no nausea, and to not be ready for bed by 8PM. Other than that, just some mild round ligament pain and the odd backache so I really can’t complain.

Another big change is how quickly I started showing. I know it’s all bloat but still looks big. *Bloating is also the number one side effect of progesterone cream* We went to a family event when I was 6 weeks and I found out later people were asking my mother in law if I was expecting (she didn’t know yet). It also isn’t as “perky” as it was previously so when I sit down I feel like spilled jello! It also doesn’t help – but feels fabulous- that I’m 50 pounds lighter than I was at the start with November so my tummy muscles have been through a lot.

Sooooo bloated and sooooo hard to hide

Another great change is I am a lot more laid back this pregnancy. With November I Googled every single symptom and was pretty freaked out about having a miscarriage. This pregnancy I have been too busy to worry that much and have trusted my body. It also helps me knowing what round ligament pain feels like and to know it’s normal. Rob was anxious to announce but I wanted to wait till at least our 9 week elective ultrasound to see a heart beat since that makes miscarriage rates drop below 5%. Seeing that sweet baby and hearing the heartbeat made my mama heart so happy! Since then we have also recently heard the heartbeat at my OB’s office.

9 week baby

We are so excited to welcome this new baby in July! Unfortunately I am due the day before Rob’s sisters wedding however I will likely be induced around week 37 because of November’s large size at birth. We absolutely love them and November is a flower girl so I really want to be able to make it to at least the ceremony.

So that is my Bump Date! Only around 20ish more weeks till we meet this little guy or girl! I’m trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can since I know it is just such a short season. I can’t believe in 5 short months we will be a family of 4!

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