I have been blessed with the worlds best girlfriends. Like Mindy Kaling says “Best friends isn’t a title, it’s a tier.” I can list probably six or seven loyal friends who have been in my life for over five years – most I have met through my church, some others are dear friends from high school.

Before I attended a bible college program, I was kind of a mess of a person. My life had a lot of drama, anger, and self destructive behaviour. While in the bible program I met so many women who helped shape me into who I am. There is a few friends in particular who took a chance on me. They were the coolest girls I know and the most drama free. They were willing to be open and honest with me about my flaws and then I could get my butt in gear and start working on them.

I have never been okay knowing a flaw about myself and leaving it as it is. I have never been content staying the same person. I have never been content having the same arguments over and over with my husband. I can thank this attitude to my lovely girlfriends.

These girls know who they are. I had seven bridesmaids but could of easily had 15. I learn so much from each of the women in my life and I never want to take them for granted. Here is a list of the main things I have learned from these wise women in my life.

1) You attract who you are: be the type of person you want to be friends with. Be reliable, be kind, and be beautiful.

2) Honesty is beautiful: I have written about this before but have people who are kindly honest when your not acting like yourself or when your being a jack ass!

3) Be Loyal: Pursue the friendships you want. Don’t leave the ball in someone else’s court! Send a text message, give a phone call, write a note. Be the encourager that you know you can be.

4) Don’t Gossip: All of my girlfriends and I have a “no gossip” policy. If they talk about other people behind your back chances are they are talking about you to other people! If I have a problem with one of my gals I try to confront them to my face instead of talking about it behind their back. Kind honesty is always the best policy!

One of the most important things is to become the person you want to be around. Be a person who you want to be friends with. The main thing people will remember about you is how you made them feel! You will attract the people into your life who mirror your personality!

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