Today we kick off the series “Wonderful Women”. I’m not sure if you knew my left hand is in a cast to over my thumb and fingers. While I’m recovering I thought I would let these marvellous and wise women shine! Be prepared to be inspired! Today it is the beautiful Linda from which officially launched in 6 days. She is new to the blogging community but has so much to wisdom and love to give! Enjoy! 

How sacrificial are you with your love? Okay, how about your money? What about your time?

So something that’s been on my heart lately is time. The currency of time. I was talking to a friend over Whatsapp (if you don’t know what Whatsapp is, it’s a European thing). I decided to send the friend a voice-note which ended up being about 15 minutes long (don’t ask why I didn’t just call her) and I noticed whenever I sent voice-notes that were more than 6 minutes long, I’d constantly be apologising for the lengthy message. But it got me thinking, should I really have to apologise for wanting someone to stop what they are doing and dedicate 10 minutes to our friendship? #Imworthit *flicks hair*. But in all seriousness, our lives are so fast pace, I could easily eat dinner, watch a BuzzFeed video and have a conversation over Whatsapp. ‘Time is precious’ but it’s also a currency and I could go further and say it’s a currency of love. So I’m a crazy advocate of love, so I like to think there are seemingly meaningless and easy ways to love – I’m still finding them out but they’re out there, I promise ya! But I genuinely believe that time is a currency of love, meaning that by spending time on a person, with a person, for a person is a great way of loving them. You use a kind of currency that you can’t get a refund or an exchange on.

So I have a challenge for all of us: think of someone who gets of your nerves, who really grinds your gears, who in your opinion isn’t deserving of anyone’s kindness, YES THAT PERSON! First, challenge you to love on person with your time (and no, you cannot change your mind!). Maybe it’s spending time with that obnoxious co-worker or that friend whose calls you ignore. Well for me it would be my sister (#sigh), spend time with them this whole week, take them for a meal, send them a heart-filled message about things appreciate about them (I know, cheesy right? But c’monnnn it’s such a nice thing to receive!). So vámonos! Lets love! (I know I sound like a hippie right now but I mean, hippies rock sometimes..)

Thank you for spending some of your precious time reading this… I can already feel the love from here and I hope this challenges you to sacrifice your time on loving on people around you more!

Linda xo


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