My baby is ONE! I have no idea where time went but it has flown… it feels like just yesterday we were at the hospital and they put this beautiful baby on my chest. At the same time it feels like she has been with us forever! She is such a beautiful and kind soul and has absolutely changed my life for the better.

November wasn’t in our plans but she was the most beautiful surprise. Not just the surprise of her pregnancy, the surprise that she would change our lives the way she did. Seeing life through her eyes is such an amazing experience. I see her unconditional joy, kindness, her affection, and her compassion. Things that I didn’t know a 12 month old could demonstrate but I see her practice it constantly.

She has also been so patient with us as we transition into parents. I say that in present tense because I still feel like it’s a transition for me. She is such an easy baby and has spoiled us! Since 10 weeks old she has only woke up once in the middle of the night. This girl values her sleep like her mama!

Her personality is so different than what I expected her to be (weird how we have expectations while pregnant what our child would be like). I always thought we would have the most social baby who was happy and warm she met and would love being passed around. NOPE… sister has her daddy’s personality of needing some time to warm up to people when we are out even with family. Novee also has this crazy stink face/stare down she pulls out for special occasions. She will be super serious and obsevervant while out but as soon as we are at home she is a hilarious party animal.

Prime example of the “Stink Face”

November is a huge Daddy’s girl. If we are both around I am chopped liver. I’ve said it before that I’m surprised how cool I am with it! Her dad is such a wonderful role model for her and he shows her what a man should treat others.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! Thank you for a beautiful year and we can’t wait to experience year two!

Photography: Jenn Dupuis

Cake: Brooke White Cakes

Cake Topper: Sugar Crush Co … code “UNICORN” for 20% off shop till Monday

Cotton Candy Tutu: Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows

“1” and “Yay” Balloon: Genwoo Crafts

Grey Tutu Outfit: Denises’ Boutique

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