It all started with this cake! I saw one similar on Pinterest months ago and I knew a unicorn party would be the perfect theme for our little princess! We picked a quiet spot at our local park that was right beside the river and set down picnic blankets for all of our guests! With both of our large families we had over 30 guests (10 kiddos) so a park was a must. Unfortunately when we first arrived it was super windy and it was hard to get good pictures as everything kept blowing away!

This beautiful cake made by our friend Brooke White 

Brooke spares no details in making this completely edible cake! She is based in Winnipeg and you definitely want her for your next event! Check out her Facebook page here.

Next let’s talk about food! Rob and I spent hours prepping a ton of sugary sweets! I’m pretty sure we let our own sweet tooths get the best of us and went a little overboard! Luckily the wind died down and with it being wasp season in our area and it didn’t take long for our table to be covered in *literally* over a l00 wasps all over the food table… yikes! Luckily only one person was bit.

Rainbow fruit platter with vanilla yogurt clouds

Icing dipped Oreos were a big hit 

Rainbow Crisps… they are made exactly like Rice Krispy Squares but with Froot Loops! SO YUMMY!

Delicious cupcakes with these fun toppers from Oriental Trading 

My very favorite was our homemade Unicorn Popcorn! *Recipe coming to the blog soon*

We used these perfect unicorn popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading! That adorable pink “1” can also be purchased from their site.

I cut up gold straws from Oriental Trading to make Unicorn Puffs

Brooke White also made our smash cake! @glue_paper_scissors on Instagram made the Unicom Peg Doll for a cake topper. It looked magical with the backdrop blowing in the wind. 


For decor we picked pink, blue, and gold! These colors were easy to find in party decor! Also anything rainbow colored perfectly fit in well! I picked a gold backdrop from Oriental Trading to easily add simply add pizzaz! It was so windy at first that it made a pretty water fall effect.

I loved this rainbow balloon! I found it from @genwoocraft on Instagram after realizing you can’t buy these ANYWHERE in Winnipeg! 

Oriental Trading garland dancing in the wind 

Bonne Fete sign (Happy Birthday in French) for our little bilingual baby. Available at @primandpopping . Such a unique piece that we saved if for future events!

It was too windy to take a full photo but this was th gyst of it all!

These straws from @sugarcrushco helped pull the look together! They also make the best cake topper that you can see over at her First Birthday Photoshoot here.

Party Girl Outfit

November’s outfit was perfect! This tutu is from @rufflesribbionsnbows on Instagram. Talented Chel makes these pieces by hand for kiddos to adults. The unicorn crown added such a fun detail from @littlenestmarket . Her scarf is one that we have had for her since she was a newborn from @misamoresboutique

“Happy Birthday to you”…

Enjoying cupcakes with our guests!

Love their love! Daddy’s girl to the core!

After everyone left we did a small cake smash. Wearing her @harpershavenshop onsie she dived right in! It was pretty darn cute! The cake topper is from @glue_paper_scissors 

Her scowel makes me laugh! I swear she had fun! What a little ham!

It was a beyond fun day celebrating with our sweet November! This last year has been a wild ride of falling in love with this beautiful human! Thank you to our friends and families who love our sweet little family! It warms our heart to see the village that’s around our gal!

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