Once again I have given the blogging reigns over to the capable hands of Kayla. She lives in NYC and has an amazing career! She is busy chasing her dreams while keeping her eyes out for Prince Charming. Before I give away too much here is life through Kayla’s eyes:  

Let me start off by saying I never have been the fairy tale type of girl. I Never dreamed that my prince charming would come, and knock me off my feet, and we would live happily ever after. I did however believe in getting married, and creating a family with that special someone. Being from NYC I have always embraced being independent, having great friends, focusing on my career and if love happens let it.

I have been in relationships and fell in love two times with the last time feeling like this was it for me. If you asked me then if he was the one. I would have said “Of course”. I was connected to him and he was connected to me. His dreams became my dreams. Things happen, life happens and my “forever” turned into realization that, “not ever could we do this for the long run.” At the time I was extremely sad and felt lost. I knew that I sacrificed so much of myself into this relationship that I didn’t know who I was. After a couple of months almost a year of dwelling . I said to myself what I always knew, and I embraced that my relationship or relationship status did not define who I was.

I started to focus on building a life of my own, and exploring who I was and tapping into my magic that made me, ME. Using the fuel and energy for myself this time to build me up. Starting over can be the best medicine. Trust me. If you use it to do the things you never dreamed of, the experience will be liberating.

At the present moment I am 30ish and single, but dating. If you are single, dating, or just came out of a bad break up just remember that it does not define who you are. The perfect person for you will come along. Be patient , but at the same time enjoy the moments. No sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Create your own life. I decided to become an entrepreneur and build my own company and it has been the best journey. If I didn’t go through the bumps I would have never have had this experience. The person I am right now is more confident and more assure of who I am and where I am going.

Love is a beautiful thing, always be open to it. Just remember to love yourself through this journey of life a little more everyday. The next time someone says “Tell me about yourself” remember your status single or married does not define you. The core of your being is what defines the beautiful person that you are.


Kayla T. Is the creator and founder of IFP Inc. specializing in marketing, branding and motivating Entrepreneurs to success. You can follow her on social networks @ifeelprettyinc and visit her website/blog Ifeelprettyinc.com

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